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    In addition to my role at the JMA Group, I’ve always enjoyed public speaking, and more specifically sharing some of the lessons and insights that I’ve learned over the course of my life and career.  Whether it’s discussing some of the challenges and barriers I’ve faced or the trends and prospective opportunities that I see on a regular basis, I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people and sharing what I have learned.

    Growing up in a family business has given me opportunities to interact with a wide range of professionals and businesses, and awarded me many unique experiences that often can connect two conflicting worlds.  Creative and Logistical, Corporate and Small Business, Customer and Retailer…each entity wants to build bridges and understand the other to increase their market share, vertical offerings and overall value proposition.  I created this Speaking Page as a place for me to share some of the topics that I believe can be valuable to your group or event.

    Whether it’s a smaller team of managers and leaders, a workshop or an event, I have found that I’ve been able to connect with my audience and clearly communicate concepts and principles that have helped me to groups looking for change, inspiration or just to fill the slot before Jim Collins.

    Here is a list of some of the topics and workshops that I have spoken on before:

    • Young & Leading: How to influence others while building relationships
    • New Media - New Opportunity
    • The Family Business: Separating the Kitchen & Boardroom Table
    • Web 2.0: Small Business: A Corporate Platform without a Corporate Budget
    • Priorities: Defining Them Before They Define You
    • Where Are All the Leaders? Mentoring, Reading & a Renewed Perspective 
    • My Faith & Family: How Commitment to Both Has Changed My Life
    • Balancing a Work-Life Balance