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    If You Don't Have Twitter...You Don't Exist

    I remember seeing this video back in 2009.  Funny, Sad and True...All at the same time.



    A Social Media "Cheat Sheet"

    If you know me, or follow me on any sort of regular know that I LOVE infographics.  I find that they are a clear and concise way of illustrating a point.  Below is a "Cheat Sheet" for understanding Social Media, that is helpful to those looking to break-in, and a resource for anyone looking to gain deeper understanding of the differences and benefits of most of the popular Social Media platforms.


    Social Media: Stop Talking, Start Listening

    Whenever I talk with friends and clients about social media...whether they are new to it or seasoned "veterans," the discussion always seems to how to generate more followers and create buzz.  Especially business' looking to gain momentum...they believe social media is only valuable to them if they can gain a lot of followers.

    While this is true in a sense (more followers = larger platform = gets the word out faster), I believe these people and business' are missing the point.  Let's break it down.

    1.  Followers = Real People
    It is important to understand that spam or lame companies that help you grow the number your twitter account says "follow" you.  50,000 "followers" (fake/spam accounts, etc.) is NOT better than 1,000 people that follow you and your organization.

    2. Conversations over Speeches
    This is a tricky one.  Everyone likes to be heard, and use their platform.  I do it...everyone does it.  But conversing with others is the best way to build real relationships AND momentum for your brand.  Talk WITH people not TO people.

    3. Assess Your Platform
    It's important to understand your audience.  If you are just starting out, and have only a few people listening, talk differenting than if you are a twitter rockstar with thousands waiting for your next words.  This is not to say that strategy is not important, but rather that engaging a smaller audience must be handled differently than managing your public profile.  Check THIS out if you think having millions of followers is all good news!

    4. Listen More Than You Speak
    This has been a tough one for me.  I love to talk, write and interact.  Unfortunately, I am generally pulled to talking more than listening.  Read others blogs, look for conversations to join and build your brand and followers over consistent and meaningful content.  Just like anything in takes time to do it right.


    There's no "I" in Community... maybe there is an "i" but you get the point.

    Community is a funny thing.  Lots of people talk about it, few people actually do it.

    Community means different things to different people...a warm meal during a difficult time, a group to share feelings/beliefs/fears/victories with, or just simply a group with similar interests; Community is not THIS easy to define.

    I am a part of many different communities.  A family, a church, friends, an office, various online platforms...each one supporting me in differrent, yet complimentary ways.

    So why write about community?  What's the point?  I believe the word itself (like so many words today) is thrown around without much notice.  All you need is a good idea and a friend that is into coding, and you can build a "community."  If you have cable, you can watch community.  If you own a computer, you can join almost any community...but I think true community runs much deeper than commenting on a blog or following someone on twitter...doesn't it?

    No answers today...just questions.


    Terence Young Fundraiser

    On Tuesday night I had the opportunity to here Jim Flaherty (Minister of Finance) speak at a Terence Young fundraiser.  I have known Terence for as long as I can remember, and applaud his commitment to Oakville and the Conservative Party.  It was my first opportunity to hear Minister Flaherty speak and I was VERY impressed.  In addition to some well-timed humor and strong communication style, it was very evident that he is extremely bright and brings an arsenal of skills to this very demanding position.

    Later than night as I was watching to recaps on the Leadership Debate, I stumbled across this site.  Firstly, WHAT A JOKE!  The idea that someone has time to create & maintain something like this is telling of the unemployment rate right now in Canada.  Secondly, why does it matter.  Nothing against Lisa Raitt.  I will vote for her, she's done a great job so far, but honestly, if you're going to waste your time, go for Harper. is available...I checked.  Better yet...what about the party? is also available.'s a personal which case...this is foolishness...please find a hobby.

    I have heard it said: If your thing is that their things don't have a thing.  How true it is.

    So to the mystery moderator of the web site & twitter account: Get a life. Please.