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    Be True...Be Consistent

    Words that most people would agree with...unfortunately, like most things worth doing, easier said than done!

    I'm not an avid hunter by any means...And by "not an avid hunter" I mean...I've never been hunting, but I do have a huge respect for the patience, discipline and consistency that is required to be a strong hunter.

    One of the specifics of hunting that I regularly think about and use in my own life is the importance of having the right tools.  Big game hunting requires the right weapons, gear and clothing, but consistent in any type of hunting is the need for your weapon to be "true."  Your aim could be perfect, but if the sight of the weapon isn't true, you will miss the target every time.  That's a perfect analogy for leaders and true.  Set a vision and plan for your business and life...and be true.

    I was reminded of this when speaking recently with one of my staff, in our need to constantly be bringing ourselves back to our original business plan and our core values.

    New Business Verticals: We enter new business lines or change existing ones and lose track of our "main thing."  If we stray to far from what made us successful in the first place...we will lose it...somethings all of it.

    Hiring: It's easy to hire around difficult situations.  A few staff leave...and we rush to replace them, often making mistakes and hiring outside of our core team values.

    Consistency plays along with the core value of "being true."  Jim Collins regularly talks about doing the same thing (hopefully the right thing) over and over and over.  Success is consistent.  It's difficult to fake and you can only pretend for so long.  If we commit to doing the right things consistently, and our plan isn't flawed (which is a whole different discussion), then success will come. 

    The biggest mistakes in life and business are made in haste and off the path of our core values.