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    So Proud of My Dad

    CGA Ontario published in May's "Statement Magazine" the list of those that qualified as LPA's this year.  This is a new thing for CGA Ontario (2nd year) and my dad studied his face off to get it.

    It was a massive accomplishment for our firm, and a huge accomplishment for him personally!

    Way to go Dad!


    Set a Plan, Walk the Path

    It's so easy to throw out New Years Resolutions: "Lose Weight" "Work Less" "Shed Debt" but how often do we look at our January 1st pledge in October and legitimately say, "I've done well."

    So many bloggers write posts about how the next year will be different, where they went wrong in the past year or how they plan to change.  Last year, at about this time, I developed a list a 9 goals...3 personal, 3 spiritual and 3 professional...but ALL measurable.  These goals weren't "lost weight" but rather "lose 10 pounds."  They didn't say, "be nicer" but rather said "foster relationships with 3 people that you aren't initially drawn too."

    These examples, are just that; examples...but you get the point.  Being specific is critical to measuring any objective.  When you're setting the company budget for the year, I'm sure your boss wouldn't be appreciative if you said your top 3 objectives were to: Increase Sales, Improve Efficiency & Lower Costs.  Although each of these are great goals...when you get to December can you measure them?  If sales increase by $50...were you successful?  If you lowered costs by $7.45, did you achieve what you set out to do?

    If you worked at JMA, the answer would be no.

    Set tangible, measurable goals that will allow you to at anytime measure how successful you were and track the growth towards your objective.