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    I have seen this fallout in the many times that I have interviewed and screened candidates for our firm or one of the many businesses that I am involved in...where language (or a lack thereof) prevents someone who can DO the job from getting the job.  It's really unfortunate, but it is definately a reality.

    So how does one fix the problem?  It's not a simple answer for sure.  I remember watching the movie Mrs. Doubtfire when I was younger, and this scene always made me laugh but at the same time have a true sense of empathy.  While the situation in the clip is a joke (Robin Williams pretending to be a fake candidate) this exact situation plays out far too often.

    I think we do a great job at educating incoming Canadians and young people, but don't set them up with the same level of communication skills NEEDED to get the job.  When you can DO the work, but you get GET the job...that has got to be one of the most frustrating things to work through.

    "I am job."  How could the mother expect this Nanny-candidate to care for her children without a basic grasp of the English language? 

    I've always been intrigued by linguistic studies, and can't even imagine how difficult it is to immigrate to another country, learn the language and then look for work...but that said, if you are in a field where communicating with others (clients, vendors, etc) is critical, it's a skill set that is non-negotiable!