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    Why Execution Trumps Innovation

    It's a real trendy word these days: Innovation.  It definately sounds cool.  Much better than other hot words right now like "Uber" or "Holistic."  The trouble with innovation (and creativity in general) is that it often STOPS at the development stage. 

    "Here's a great idea..."

    It's difficult to execute.  Delivering on the final product requires stuff that creative hate...logistics, costing, etc.  Unfortuantely, the execution of an innovative idea or concept IS what in fact makes it innovative.  I develop theoretically how flying skateboards would revolutionize children's play patterns...but if I can't make it, sell it and ship idea is irrelevant.

    This is all very basic, and most people understand it..however, what many miss is the importance of WELL executed ideas and products.

    The ability to execute poorly is not difficult, but the discipline to deliver quality execution to an innovative idea drives success.

    Last week I played golf at GreyStone Golf Club and encountered (for the first time) the 9th Tee Call Box.  We pre-ordered sandwiches to be ready as we turned the corner onto Hole 10.  Sounds like an innovative idea, and obviously, with it right there (see picture) innovation has gone to market.  Unfortuantely, due to garbbled voices and a broken talk didn't really work.  Very disappointing, as upon discovering the innovation, my expectations raised and I became excited to order my food.

    This is a classic example of failed execution.  The real question is this: Would GreyStone had been better to NOT innovate by foregoing placing a CallBox that wasn't 100% working...OR have one that was not functioning correctly.  When we went into the ClubHouse afterwards, it was explained that the CallBox had some glitches and they weren't sure what was wrong.

    Execution trumps innovation because if innovation is not paired with excellent execution...the innovation would be better off dead.


    Techno Treats - The iPad Keyboard

    I'm always on the look out for great products that allow me to work with greater efficiency.  I love my iPad.  I know there are lots of people that mock them, but whether its reading on the Kindle App, cycling through PDF's and documents at a board meeting or just email and word's been fantastic for me! 

    Recently I discovered a case for the iPad that doubles as a keyboard.  The colleague that showed it to me has had nothing but positive things to say about so I had to get one, and it's been great!  You can buy one on Amazon (cheaper than Best Buy).  Definitely worth the money if you plan on taking notes or using your iPad for more than just browsing.  Check it out HERE.