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    Blog Stats Overload...Be DECISIVE!

    I don't often look at the stats of this site.  Overall traffic, keywords, geographic breakdown of visitors, etc, but recently I spent a few minutes looking through a bunch of stats and analysis.  Here are the 3 conclusions that I drew:

    1. There is a statistic for everything - Hey "Apple Computer, using Firefox, in New York State, on August 11th @ 7:52pm." I'm super thankful for your visit...I really feel like we connected!

    2. Good Content is Timeless - Blog posts that I wrote over a years ago still get regular hits.  If you write about stuff that matters...people will not stop finding use for it.

    3. Be Decisive! - The number 1 post was THIS ONE on being Decisive.  From the number of visits, to the keywords in Google (multiple spellings, contexts, etc).

    I was immediately struck with the conclusion that being decisive is difficult, and as such is rare.  In a manager/leader, in a friend/partner in a parent, sibling, name it!

    It's so refreshing being around decisive people.  Thankfully, the team that I get to work with regularly is decisive and pushes me to be as well.  I always say that I would rather have a decisively bad plan, that can be adapted and refined than an indecisive good one, that takes too many people, too much time to implement.

    A lesson that isn't as much learned, as it is committed to fighting against...Be Decisive. Be Intentional.  It's what everyone let's give it to them!


    An Intro | My Commitment | So What?

    I read a lot of blogs.  Less than some, but more than most.  I have had 2 blogs and both fizzled out.  One of the things about blogging is that it usually starts with a “I’m going to do this and be really consistent” and then ends, well…without much notice.  My last blog I started when I was in university and kept it going pretty consistently through getting married, starting work and having our first daughter (and all that life had for me in between).  Unfortunately, I found it difficult to make the turn as the blog was written from a perspective that just wasn’t me anymore.  As I wrestled with trying to change it, or reinvent it, I found myself moving towards insincerity and after some consideration stopped blogging altogether.

    So why start again now?  After I completed my MBA in 2010, I found myself missing the writing aspects of school that had been such a focus for me over the years.  As I thought about what I wanted a blog to be about, I first looked at the blogs I regularly read.  Here were some observations:

    1.     There is a blog about everything.  From decoupaging mom’s to a retired navy officer…the web has something for everyone.

    2.     Business & Leadership are hot topics.  From Michael Hyatt to Seth Godin and everyone in between…world class leaders are letting you in behind the scenes of their lives for a sneak peak!

    Any finally…

    3.     Everybody’s Old.  This is obviously a generalization, and I do follow some younger “business folk,” but for the most part, most serious bloggers within the business community are 40+.

    I wanted a blog that told the story of a 20 something in business that offered perspective for all.  To throw in the token “I don’t know everything for sure” doesn’t do it justice, as many associates in their 40’s and 50’s often remark that they have “forgotten more than I know.”  All kidding aside, I want this space to be an opportunity to share things I’m learning, gadgets or technology that I am using and most of all…have fun.  You’ll probably see some guest posts by people that I respect and I hope that between the circulating of content and utilization of feedback in the comments section that this blog can be something bigger than my little corner of the Internet.