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    I Thought I'd Seen it All...

    Guess not.

    These are just a few of the most RIDICULOUS iphone cases that I came across.  If I see someone with one of these...instantly...all credability will vanish forever...never to return.


    You're Running Out of Time

    If you haven't figured it out yet...time is finite.  I know, there's not a lot above that statement on the common sense ladder, but I'm always surprised when I see people acting or behaving in a way that is contrary to that principle.

    I was out for lunch with a friend a few days ago, and we were discussing how it's so easy to treat time like a bottomless currency pit.  We spend, spend, spend without counting the cost or depositing any money back into the bank.  The key concern is that when we get to the end of the month, and realize we were over budget in some areas and others were left to the's too late.  It's a simple formula:

    More kids = More work

    Bigger Job = Bigger commitment

    It's easy to deal at the 5,000 ft level of time commitments; "I can't go out tonight, because I'm busy."  But how often do we actively reflect on what is in front of us before taking on another large commitment and CHOOSE what we will offload.  If time is finite (which we've already agreed it is) than I can't add a large commitment without clearing something off the deck.  The truly unfortunate part is that if you don't choose what gets the boot...circumstance or others will choose for you.

    Quality time with family, sleep, vacation, personal time...these are all easy target for an increased share for work and other heavy tasks of your life.

    The more I look at my own life, and the lives of those around me, it's quite clear that our "me-first, right now" generation is quickly steeping into how we spend or time and how our hastily made decisions bode significant long-term consequence.

    A heavy post for a Friday morning, but still important.  As you go about your day, weekend, & month...choose how to spend your time, set a budget and live within it.


    Why Businesses Are Struggling in Mobile

    I absolutely LOVE infographics.  I find they are a creative yet practical way to illustrate a message to the masses while not compromising by diluting the facts and details.

    Mobile is here.  It's been here for a while, but it's definitely all the buzz in 2012.  Between Facebook dropping $1B on Instagram and every meaningful tech company coming out with some sort of hand-held solution...businesses (more than ever) must find a way to reach their customers ON their mobile devices.

    I sat with a colleague last week and discussed the evolution of computers, technology and how the past 5-10 years has seen more technological changes at an increasingly exponential rate.  One of the key areas we discussed was how specifically small businesses are struggling to compete in the Web 2.0 and mobile world as they simply don't have the man-power or internal innovation to adapt offline marketing strategies into the new world.

    There is no "answer" to this, but only to explain that you don't need a Corporate budget to have a corporate strategy.  What the new marketing climate offers is an equalization between the big and long as the small can think smart, be strategic and surround themselves with competent staff.  A tall order, I know...but with the new concept of "The Thank-You Economy" circulating, big business wants back into the world of little relationships.  I liken it to the kid that dresses Emo so that he can be "original and look like an individual"...problem is...he dresses like everyone else that is trying to do that too!

    Big companies want individual relationships.  They want the Ma&Pa feel to their viral marketing and they spend a lot of money to make things 'feel' organic.  GREAT NEWS! Your small business/movement IS get the word're legit!

    An app that provides a service AND promotes your brand.


    A simple, funny video that promotes your brand in an entertainment-like manner.

    It's time to stop hiding...


    So Proud of My Dad

    CGA Ontario published in May's "Statement Magazine" the list of those that qualified as LPA's this year.  This is a new thing for CGA Ontario (2nd year) and my dad studied his face off to get it.

    It was a massive accomplishment for our firm, and a huge accomplishment for him personally!

    Way to go Dad!


    Why Execution Trumps Innovation

    It's a real trendy word these days: Innovation.  It definately sounds cool.  Much better than other hot words right now like "Uber" or "Holistic."  The trouble with innovation (and creativity in general) is that it often STOPS at the development stage. 

    "Here's a great idea..."

    It's difficult to execute.  Delivering on the final product requires stuff that creative hate...logistics, costing, etc.  Unfortuantely, the execution of an innovative idea or concept IS what in fact makes it innovative.  I develop theoretically how flying skateboards would revolutionize children's play patterns...but if I can't make it, sell it and ship idea is irrelevant.

    This is all very basic, and most people understand it..however, what many miss is the importance of WELL executed ideas and products.

    The ability to execute poorly is not difficult, but the discipline to deliver quality execution to an innovative idea drives success.

    Last week I played golf at GreyStone Golf Club and encountered (for the first time) the 9th Tee Call Box.  We pre-ordered sandwiches to be ready as we turned the corner onto Hole 10.  Sounds like an innovative idea, and obviously, with it right there (see picture) innovation has gone to market.  Unfortuantely, due to garbbled voices and a broken talk didn't really work.  Very disappointing, as upon discovering the innovation, my expectations raised and I became excited to order my food.

    This is a classic example of failed execution.  The real question is this: Would GreyStone had been better to NOT innovate by foregoing placing a CallBox that wasn't 100% working...OR have one that was not functioning correctly.  When we went into the ClubHouse afterwards, it was explained that the CallBox had some glitches and they weren't sure what was wrong.

    Execution trumps innovation because if innovation is not paired with excellent execution...the innovation would be better off dead.